How to Encourage Physical Activity even When Kids Are Sick

Regardless of how hard we try to keep our children healthy, they are likely to become sick at some point throughout the year. It is most likely due to shifting weather patterns which cause viruses and germs to spread everywhere. It should not concern you as a parent, but you should be prepared if disease strikes.

Physical activity is one important aspect that you should be prepared with. While some illnesses do not encourage physical movement, some like the common cold will require your child to have a simple physical activity.

Physical activity will help the nasal system to decongest and also increase immunity in your child. If most of the symptoms involve the upper part of the body, movement is encouraged. However, if the child complains of lower body parts pain, then you should avoid any physical activity as it worsens the situation. Diarrhea and fever might also not go well with physical activities.

It’s critical to know the symptoms of your child so that you can evaluate if the physical movement will be an ideal complement to their medicine. Some of the great physical activities that your child can perform when sick include yoga, moving indoors, or spending time outside while strolling. Avoid vigorous activities such as swimming, dancing, and running since they will bring in more pain to joints and muscles.

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