We observed a trend in schools where many students lacked movement skills and could not engage in physical activity with enjoyment and confidence. That’s when our vision was born! Physical literacy and the overall health and well-being of students is a crucial aspect that is also related to how they perform in classwork.

This platform offers a physical literacy program for students and training teachers as well. An interactive physical literacy program enables students to develop coordination, balance, and confidence in all areas of their lives as well as enhance overall body fitness.

By offering training sessions to teachers we aim at providing them with the knowledge that will enable them to integrate physical literacy into lessons. As such, they can manage to create fun, inclusive and meaningful lessons for their students.

As time goes by, we have become a trusted resource for teachers and schools across the state. Schools have begun embracing the programs because of the positive interactions they have on the overall performance of the students.

We remain dedicated to providing teachers with the resources and support they need to assist their students to develop long-term physical movement and activity. We hope that teachers transfer this energy to their students with love to create a happy and healthier school environment which is desirable to many.