Dance is an interactive way of playing and enables students to move. Our program explores various dancing styles that are popular globally such as Urban, Bollywood, Jazz, Hip Hop, and more.

The dancing class involves the integration of positive coaching that enables every student to have fun. The only simple rule applied is being positive-minded, being yourself, and enjoying the fun.

We are glad to announce that our dance program is popular and has recognized global interest because of the impact it has on the student’s self-esteem, mental health, and overall school climate.

The program also is aligned with the curriculum’s expectations which focus on the positive mental health of the students.

Our dance workshops are grouped into two: Activation workshops, Dance units, and community events.

1. Activation workshops 

This is the most popular of all and it involves making the students love music and associated movements. It builds students’ motivation in trying to learn new styles.

2. Dance units 

This unit focuses on teaching students the art of dance through listening and responding to music, developing dance skills, and learning sequences. It allows students to create their own dance performances in groups.

3. Community events

This involves working with schools on a special event where a high-energy dance workshop is integrated. This can include a school community event where families attend, a school-wide assembly, or showcasing dance moves in a celebration dance.