Empower your Teaching Career

Our professional development program provides educators with skills and knowledge that they can integrate into their curriculum and make a positive impact on their student’s health and well-being.

Our experts provide you with hands-on training and practical tools for successful learning. Here you will learn about the latest practices and trends in physical literacy and also get adequate knowledge of assessing and evaluating the progress of your students. 

We will give you satisfactory support as you implement the techniques and concepts that you have learned.

By taking part in our professional development program you will benefit with:

  • Increased competence and confidence in educating physical literacy
  • A deeper understanding of how physical literacy benefits students
  • An opportunity to network with other educators
  • Access to tools and techniques such as lesson plans, rubrics, and tutorial videos for physical literacy education

We have short workshops of about 60 minutes and also full-day workshops. Teachers can choose the one which is convenient for them.  A single workshop can accommodate from 50-100 people. In these workshops, we offer various topics which include:

  • Teaching dance
  • Dance lessons
  • Simple dance units
  • Movement
  • Mental health
  • Yoga physical literacy
  • Developing leadership through dance