Keeping Kids Active When You are Sick

Are you the kind of a parent that likes to hang out with kids or play outdoor activities, just to encourage them to do physical activity? What do you do when you are under the weather? I bet it must be tough for you to see your kids bored in the house after they come back from school. Here are some nice activities you can implement before you get well.

1. Dancing

You can search for some songs with nice beats that will entice your children to dance to the rhythm. You can probably choose some of their favorite songs or try to teach them new ones. Maybe you can include the video version of it so that children can watch and imitate the movements. A good playlist can keep them active for 30 minutes.

2. Try balloon games

A balloon game will keep your children active for like 15 minutes or so. You can fill in a balloon with dried beans and insert it inside another one. The outside balloon should have enough air and start an eye coordination game while tossing it from one corner of the house to the other. In fact, your kids can do this while you watch from your sofa.

If these tactics do not work, they may be able to assist you with sweeping the floor or wiping the table. You should not feel bad about assigning these activities to your child because you are not in the finest physical shape to perform them.

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