Our power program is an energetic and exciting exercise program. It is designed to help students have fun and acquire different strengths through various games and challenges performed. It entails:

1. Fundamental movement skills

Our program helps in the basic movement skills which include agility, coordination, and balance. We understand that our students have diverse needs and capabilities that require individualized training in some cases. We walk with each one of them through a collaborative approach that upholds their confidence.

2. Interactivity

In this session, students are encouraged to work together and support each other while performing the physical activity. They also build social skills, build relationships and create a sense of belonging.

3. Fitness challenges and games

There is a wide range of activities that are designed for students to challenge their psychomotor and cognitive skills. As such, it helps them discover their strengths in a variety of games/activities. Here, they can engage in either jump rope, karate, ninja training, or boxing.

4. Goal-oriented approach

We use a goal-oriented approach that helps our students to put in more effort. Our instructors design achievable objectives that are used to gauge the outcome of the activity. They help students reach their goals by becoming confident and physically active.