We believe that regular yoga practice usually has a positive impact on mental and physical health. We aim at making this practice accessible and enjoyable for students.

During the yoga session, we introduce students to various yoga postures, mindfulness practices, and breathing techniques. These strategies aim at improving physical health, balance, and flexibility while enhancing stress relief, relaxation, and mental health.

Our trained staff guides students through a series of movements and poses that emphasize on proper alignment of body parts. We assure all students’ safety and effectiveness while performing the exercise. In addition, we ensure that the session is accommodative and inclusive to amateurs and practitioners.

We try as much to make the program interactive through these ways:

1. Dances

Dancing promotes movement, balance, and coordination. We incorporate various styles of dance such as jazz, hip-hop, or contemporary music which challenge students’ physical abilities. We have noticed that students love dance workshops where they can showcase their skills. These workshops are guided by our experienced instructors who provide instructions and encourage students to express their creativity freely.

2. Community eventsĀ 

We also organize community events such as outdoor games, and charity runs that provide students with an opportunity to participate in physical activity and still have fun. Our instructors provide feedback to students and guide them on how to build more physical skills.