Games for Kids that Require Small Space

Living in a small house with children could be a hindrance to physical literacy. But, you do not have to worry anymore since you can work with little space and still bring the best out of it. Here are several fun activities that you can perform with your kids to encourage physical activity.

1. Sock games

Probably you have lost some socks in your house and you only see one match of the pair. You can use it to make balls and throw them at each other. You can also insert your hands in the socks and make a puppet. This activity will ensure that your hands or fingers move.

2. Balloon games

Balloons are good for indoor playing because they will not damage any of your items. You can play various games by blowing air in the game and trying to maintain it up without touching the ground. This way, you will jump and move to prevent it from falling.

3. Paper airplane toss

You can teach your children how to make paper airplanes, which they can use to play a game of airplane toss. You can choose a target such as a basket and tell your child to ensure that the airplane lands in that location. This will involve a lot of motor skills which will be healthy for the child.

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