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Farida Gabbani 2000-2002

Farida Blacklock is the quintessential physical educator.  She has a passion for the subject and the profession that inspires all those with whom she comes into contact.  As a teacher educator she has had a huge impact on the students of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ College, and it is through her leadership and dynamism that, regardless of where in Canada the annual CAHPERD Conference is held, the student contingent from Truro, Nova Scotia outnumbers that from any but the host province.  By piling students into vans, and having them sleep on the floor of her hotel room Farida has brought her students into the professional mainstream where they now play prominent roles across the country and around the world.

Farida is currently the Physical and Health Education Consultant for the province of Nova Scotia.  Previously she was a Professor at Nova Scotia Teachers College, after teaching for 20 years in the Nova Scotia School system.

She was educated at the I.M. Marsh College of Physical Education in England and completed both M.Ed. and M.A. Degrees at St. Mary’s University, Halifax, where she was awarded the Gold Medal for her MA studies.

As a member of the CAHPERD Executive Council, Farida brought both her enthusiasm and her relentlessly pragmatic approach to the table.  She also brought much needed wisdom and a terrific sense of homour.  Both during her time on the Executive Council and after stepping down, Farida has been a tireless champion for equity – gender equity, cultural equity, economic equity and equity of opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

She was the author of the CAHPERD Gender Equity document and co-author of Girls in Action…, Teaching Tips: A Positive Place to Learn and The Olympics; Something for Everyone.

Her talents have been widely recognized: Volunteer of the year; Award of Merit, Nova Scotia Drug Dependency, 1985; Nova Scotia Teachers College Faculty Award; Dorothy Walker Award of Merit as well as assisting in fund raising for ‘Larry’s’ hockey team.

Well known across Canada, her influence has spread well beyond our shores.  As a key member of an International Development Project in the Eastern Caribbean, Farida was instrumental in Helping the teachers of Guyana develop a culturally sensitive and economically viable curriculum for their in-service workshops in Guyana’s interior, far from such amenities as phones, or even roads.  She also became an expert in low cost “hotels” and powerful insect repellents.  She has delivered high quality workshops in Barbados, and paid host to Guyanese educational visitors in Canada, to whom she has been a mentor and to whom she has opened her home.

Farida is equally at home in Africa where she has worked on the development of local teachers in Zaire.  This African connection is a return to the continent of her youth.  Born of a Scottish mother and Sudanese father, her bi-cultural upbringing has molded her beliefs and practices.  Farida embraces diversity, and celebrates individual differences, she is at home around the Board table discussing provincial education policy issues, and at home around a camp fire in a South American jungle or the African bush talking teaching strategy and curriculum development with local teachers.

Mr. President, in her zeal for the profession, in her consummate teaching skills, in her skillful guidance of curriculum development programs, in her voluntary international development work, and her daily work with the students and teachers of Nova Scotia, Farida’s dedication, skill, professionalism and humanity make her an outstanding recipient of the CAHPERD Honour Award, in recognition of her distinguished service to the profession and unremitting zeal in promoting its aims and objects.

1998 R. Tait McKenzie Honour Award recipient

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


  • 2000-2002 CAHPERD President

  • 1998 R. Tait McKenzie Honour Award recipient

  • 2000 North American Society Award recipient

  • 2004 CAAWS Most Influential Women


Most Influential Women in Sport and Physical Activity

Farida Gabbani has experience at the local, provincial, national and international levels, in a wide range of aspects of education, health, sport, recreation and physical activity.



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"We're making sure that kids are safe," explains Farida Gabbani, senior director of physical activity in the Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection.

Senior Director Named for Sport and Recreation

Farida Gabbani was named to the new position in the Office of Health Promotion's Sport and Recreation division today, July 24,2005.


2001 - 2002 Annual Report of the Advisory Committee to the Secretary of State (Amateur Sport)

5. Recommendations on Next Steps to Implement the Goals of the National Summit on Sport


KUDOS: - On April 19 th, Farida Gabbani was recognized by the Premier for being named to the 2004 list of the 20 most influential women in sport and physical activity by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sports and Physical Activity (CAAWS).








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